RSPCT is a creative design outfit located at the base of the Bridger Mountains in Bozeman Montana. Offering custom graphic design and photography with respect. Specializing in branding, typography, and layout solutions based on research, function, and creativity. Always looking for some honest work and collaborations.


Native print

Created with respect for a people, nation and land. The illustration was first re-drawn from a photograph by Alexander Gardner in 1872. The background map image is a photograph I took while traveling though Virgina City Montana. An official 1910 territorial map of the expanding United States, complete with a list of current cities and villages. The quote from Crazy Horse reiterate my feelings of how land has become exploited. Based off of historical photographs, the main illustration is of BEAR’S RIB [Mato Chu-Tu-Hu] A Hunkpapa Sioux Chief, who roamed the country between the Cheyenne and Yellowstone Rivers. For the typography and textures I cut paper which was then scanned and separated. Each letter was hand cut, kerned, and build to size. The illustration color/texture was done in the same manner. The poster was printed by Nick and the folks over at Seizure Palace in Portland OR.


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